Valentines, Fire and Ice


Our first snow for 2014 fell this afternoon. What a lovely, romantic sight.

The snow falling, fire in the fireplace and a table setting with a valentine’s theme.


It was almost enough to put me in the mood to write

a romantic love story to curl up on the sofa and read.



But I got busy snapping pictures and arranging and rearranging the valentines and dishes.

and alas……. no time left to write the greatest romance novel of the year.






But there is always tomorrow………  wink, wink


However I did have time to research the history of Valentine’s Day cards on the internet.

Early valentines were made by hand using colored paper, watercolors and colored inks.

Some of the early valentines were:


  • Pinprick valentinesMade by pricking tiny holes in paper with a pin to resemble the look of lace
  • Cutout valentines– Lace-look cards made by folding paper several times and cutting out a lace design with small, sharp scissors
  • Acrostic valentines – Verses in which the first letters in the lines spelled out the beloved’s name
  • Rebus valentines – Verses in which small pictures took the place of some of the words (for example, an eye instead of I)






Although DIY cards are wonderful, I appreciate Joyce Hall and the company she founded in 1910.


Hallmark makes the most romantic cards ever….sigh…

When I read one,I fall in love all over again don’t you?

And buying ready made cards  gives me more time to write that romantic love story.

Fire…..Ice……Valentines…… I think I am feeling the inspiration.