Show Your Style , part 1


Is my style showing??  No, not my fashion style, but my decorating style.

We’ll talk about my fashion sense another day. Let’s just say I’m into comfort these days.


On to my decorating style, I have been guilty of settling when shopping for house furnishings simply because of price

or I can’t find what I’m really looking for.

And that has never worked for me. I end up loathing the item because it doesn’t reflect the look or feel I want in my home.

Every time I look at that vase, or lamp or chair, whatever it is, I cringe. I know it doesn’t belong and I am stuck with it, at least for a while.

I have become better at walking past those “bargains” and keeping my impulse buying in check.

I am more aware of my decorating style these days. Discovering and defining my style has kept me focused.

Although I see many furnishings I really, really like, nothing comes home with me unless I can visualize how it

will fit in with the rest of my décor.


Feeling comfortable and enjoying our homes  starts with defining our decorating style,

Finding what we like and don’t like is a place to begin.


There are countless quizzes online that will help in finding your style.

Although I have taken many, when I run across a new quiz I can’t resist.


At this time my style is identified and defined as……………………………


Cozy and Casual.  Want to see what that looks like?


Photos from Pinterest


White slipcovers, bookshelves, books

sigh……loving this room.

pinned from Real Simple


pinned from House of Turquoise


Better Homes and Garden

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Colourful & Casual Living Room (© Kim Jeffery)





Better Homes and Gardens



Every room is similar in that they all are cozy and casual.