Old Man Winter


Old Man Winter keeps showing up …….. uninvited… but I must say he turns our drab

scenery into a magical looking winter land.


I have not been out driving in this, but I bundled up and wandered out for a quick walk around my neighborhood.

I snap a few pictures with the  old camera. I didn’t risk taking my new Canon Rebel with me because, as you

can see, the snow was  still falling.



February snow 2014 039





February snow 2014 041


February snow 2014 032


These guys looked so cold. I don’t know why they weren’t taking shelter in the nearby barn.


February snow 2014 028




February snow 2014 019


Aren’t the cedars beautiful? They remind me of flocked Christmas trees.



February snow 2014 042



February snow 2014 035



February snow 2014 024

February snow 2014 044



February snow 2014 029

Can you see the duck at the edge of the water to the left?


February snow 2014 020

Mr. Snowman in a neighbor’s yard


As a kid, we use to make snow ice cream.

The recipe was pretty simple

  • snow
  • sugar
  • milk
  • vanilla flavoring

It was so good.

Is it still safe to do this?


174407.jpg (250×250)




Looking forward to the weekend when the temps will be high enough

to melt the snow and ice.


Hope you are staying safe and warm.