Valentine’s Day Romance


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day…. such a sweet, loving day.


Leading up to this sweet loving day is the intense pressure to

find the right card, search for the perfect gift or plan the most romantic evening.


Planning your strategy  to show your romantic sentiments to  your  wife, husband, sweetheart

or date for the evening, can be a tall order.


The week of  Valentine’s Day 2014,  a historic winter storm in the south has dominated our thoughts.

Planning for Valentine’s Day has taken a back seat to buying milk and bread and preparing

for power outages.


February snow 2014 056

A candlelight dinner at home and watching a romantic movie afterwards is

an enjoyable way to spend Valentine’s Day evening.


One of my favorite romantic movies was filmed in 2006. It centers around a Valentine Day event.

The movie is “The Lake House” starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu  Reeves.

Although I enjoy the movie, critics would say it’s not logical at all.




I won’t give away the plot, in case you haven’t seen it yet or forgotten the storyline and want to see it again.

But I want to mention the setting of the film which is in the Chicago area.

The lake house itself is one of the most intriguing parts of the movie.

It was built on what is called Maple Lake in Willow Springs, Illinois.

They were granted the use of the lake for filming on the condition that the lake was left exactly as it had been.

That meant the house had to be removed after filming.

After filming, the house was  removed and a simple fishing dock was put in its place.


At least 50% of the movie takes place at The lake house itself. The house was constructed on dry land

next to the lake, atop  steel beams that rose 10 feet above the waterline.




















May your Valentine’s Day be wonderfully romantic ……..

Red heart and may your chocolates be calorie free.