Showers Brother China Cabinet makeover

You can stop holding your breath …….

waiting to see the after of the china cabinet makeover.


No it didn’t take me 2 weeks to get it finish. But it has been 2 busy weeks of

celebrations of life.

A bridal shower, for a sweet little bride to be, a birthday celebrations of a dear family member,

spending time with friends to re-energize, lunch with  head over heels in love couple, perhaps another wedding soon,

and spending time with dad who is so happy to be home after a hospital stay and two months in a rehabilitation center.


Whew….life is busy for all of us. Sometimes the blog must take a back seat. Before the china cabinet reveal,

there is a quote I ran across recently that is very thought provoking to me. I think it will be to you as well.

We get so busy, we miss some important moments in life.


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment……

until it becomes a memory.”




ok… I’m ready to show and tell…

First the before picture taken last summer.



It wasn’t horrible. It had a makeover 15 years ago and the painted had turned

an ugly yellow  and the glass was broken…..so it was time…….






New paint and new glass. Can you believe the glass was only $10 from a local hardware store.

Why didn’t I do this sooner????












March Tris shower, misc 007


























Just in time for spring….  new life for an old Showers Brothers China Cabinet.



America’s Largest Furniture Makers


Who is America’s largest furniture makers today?  Beats me. When I tried to find the answer, 

many companies claimed this distinction.


As I was working on a piece of furniture recently, I found this shipping label on the back.

Ever heard of Showers Brothers Company?


china cabinet 010


In 1868 William and James Showers bought out their father’s interest in a Bloomington, Indiana

cabinetmaking business for $300. From this humble beginning, the Showers Brothers Company

would grow to the point that in the 1920’s , it produced 60 percent of the furniture manufactured in the U.S.,

claiming distinction as “The World’s Largest Furniture Factory.”


After World War Two, when they failed to invest in updated equipment, Showers Brothers Furniture found it difficult

to compete in the new economy. Ultimately, they sold their assets to the Stork Line Furniture Company of Chicago.

Stork Line continued to operate the factory for three years until they closed shop in 1958.


An example of Showers Brothers furniture…… beautiful….. not mine sad to say.








antique furniture23.jpg (577×640)













All of the above furniture seems to be in great shape, well taken care of.

My piece of Showers Brothers furniture did no fare so well.

I bought it from an antique shop about 15 years ago. The wood was damaged, so it has become

a hand painted china hutch……. but I still love it.


No pictures to show yet of my hand painted Showers Brothers Company china cabinet

……..but coming soon.


Picture of some of the workers.  I wonder if they made my cabinet?????