I had to do it, really I did.

I had to do it……really ………

I just had to do it!!


Fall is coming, my favorite time of the year.

It seems a lot of the positive things in my life

have happened in the autumn season.

Or maybe I am more in tune and notice it more.


I moved into this house, soon to be someone else’s,

on Halloween night twenty something years ago.

The day after moving in, my daughter and I started

decorating for fall/thanksgiving.

I just could not leave without decorating one last time.


Yesterday I spent the day reflecting on the ghost of autumn’s

past, as I went about decorating.

I wished I had pictures from all those years..  I probably have

a few, but putting my hands on them ?????probably not.

Those were the days before digital and there are tons of albums

I would have to sort through….I would get distracted and look

at pictures all day and accomplish nothing….sigh sigh sigh

I do have one Thanksgiving picture when my dining room was so traditional.

Seems odd that my style has drastically changed.


Two sweet sisters: my mom and my aunt. The date could be the mid 1990’s


Mom And Aunt Mamie


Can you believe this is the same dining room 2014? That dark cabinet is now light and bright.

I liked it when it was dark and really loving it white.


I am not going over the top with the decorations this year, as I have been accused of in the past.

Every room must have a touch of fall or why bother at all, I say.

Today …….may I present to you my dining room…all decked out in autumn colors.












Summer Dining Room



Autumn Dining Room