Inside the House

Is this the one? In the words of my beloved mother….time will tell.


Aside from all the red tape of selling a house and then buying a house, there are anxious

thoughts of emotionally distancing myself from the house I called home for a long time and bonding

with another house that will potentially be the next home sweet home.

And then there are the what ifs………

what if I attached myself to a house and then watch it slip away because

of issues with the timing of selling my house and someone else buying the one I had my heart set on.

In the end, I have to let these thoughts go and have the confidence that what is suppose to happen

……..will happen. And that gives me peace.



Want to see a little of the inside? Of course you do?

The door is open, come on it.





The foyer….Living room on the left. the dining room is on the right.  The door ahead leads to the back covered porch.



Taking pictures at noon…..not recommended. Especially on a beautiful, sunny fall day.

Not a cloud in the sky.




The window and lighting in the foyer over the front door. Picture taken from the second story hallway.



Dining room… loving the detail of the ceiling.




The living room, which will be used as a study/ office. It is a good size room. I think there will be room for seating in there as well.



Looking up to the second story from the foyer.


Below, view from kitchen to dining room.


I prefer white or lighter cabinets, but these are nice. I don’t think it is a deal breaker.

The appliances would be changed to stainless.









The breakfast area above. . The hallway leads to a main floor bedroom and bath.

Although it’s not the master, it will be great for a guest suite.




View of the breakfast  area, kitchen bar area and the hallway leading to the guest suite.


The great room below.




The fireplace in the great room. This room is connected to the breakfast area and kitchen. You can see part of the porch through the door and windows.


The guest bedroom.. and bath.






Ladies and gentlemen , that concludes the downstairs tour of the potentially, maybe new home.

Watch for the upstairs tour coming soon.








Out with the old, In with the new


In my entire life, I have never, ever lived in a brand new house. It just never worked out that way.


When decorating is in your blood,  you just know no matter how bad a pre owned house looks,  you can

make it all better.  Taking down wall paper, painting the walls and trim, is just second nature to a DIY.

The assignment, should you choose to take it,  is to give new life and stand back and sigh with

total satisfaction at the transformation.

That said,  we are now seriously considering a brand, spanking new house for our next home.


Did I just say that?  After looking at many homes for sale in our area and comparing the price of the

home and the costs of the necessary repairs/ updating, maybe a new home is the way to go.




What do you think of this one? 3000 square feet and not much yard to take care of..

Under consideration.






















And look what’s in the neighborhood…. not that I am a swimmer…but the option is there.





Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. I am enjoying looking, but decisions have to be made soon.