Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Yes siree it is..

In my quest for all things organized in 2015, the starting point will not be in the house, but in the backyard.



This 12’ x 16′ shed will house everything from seasonal décor  to bicycles. Doesn’t look like much now does it.?


When it’s finished there will be 2 windows, a loft area and a roof that matches the house. And it will be painted the same color as the house.

Beauty and functionality must go hand in hand.


When finished, it will look something like the one below,except there will be 2 windows, one on each side


Holiday décor will be coming down soon and tucked away nicely until next Christmas season.  Yay!!

Happy New Year!


Farewell Christmas



The Calendar tells me Christmas 2014 has come and gone.

But some of us …..me……are late posting our pictures. Just a few, not too many, I promise.


Red was my GO TO color for the holidays.

I’m not ready to do a “Home Tour”….. Coming soon!


























The door that opens and the door that closes

 As the year, 2014, is rapidly coming to an end,

I am reminiscing about the year and all the changes that have occurred for me personally.

I am usually not wordy. My thoughts are “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

However, today I have some “splaining” to do.

Where have I been for so long and what have I been doing?

At the beginning of the year, I knew I was ready for change, in a good way.

My restless soul kept nagging at me. In the past, the feelings would past.

However, for at least a couple of years, I knew the time had come to sell the house and move.

After 23 years, I knew it would be a big undertaking, but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone.

With a mind set of………let’s try this and see what happens….. I started getting the house ready

to show in August.





I’m happy I didn’t know what was ahead of me. I might have said “I can’t do this” quite loudly.

The 2200 square feet house was filled to the max and the basement was filled with bins and bins

of holiday decorations, furniture tools, lawn equipment etc. etc. etc.

In September, I signed with a realtor and detached myself from the house to begin staging and getting

it prepped for new owners. I thought perhaps it may take awhile to find the right buyers.

Two weeks later there were several offers. Oh me, oh my…… did I really mean to do this? I had to put up or shut up.

An offer was taken, only to fall through a month later. That was ok, because another offer was on the table quickly.

Ok…guess I’m serious. I’d better find somewhere to move to.

The closing date was a week before Thanksgiving.

Autumn, my most favorite season went by in a blur.

With belongings stored in a storage unit and at the homes of family and friends, the move was made.

From an old (60+yr) house to a brand spanking new one. A lot less yard, but a lot more house.


A door from Christmas past…. at old house


From 2200 to 3200 square feet.  What am I thinking????

What an adventure it has been. It seems so surreal at times.

The door was closed and locked to me at a home that was dear to me for a long, long time.

And the memories created there will forever be with me.

But now I have a new door that is wide open to my new ideas of decorating and making it home sweet home.




First Christmas at new house, 2014. Yes, I decorated for Christmas although I am still unpacking.

I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you.

In the meantime enjoy pictures of doors in Charleston SC.


I managed to take a short trip to get myself reenergized before Christmas.

Ahhhhh Charleston at Christmas.


Hope your Christmas was wonderful and the new year ahead will be spectacular!!!