Without further delay

The word I have chosen for 2015 is (drum roll please)



It’s a nice word we all throw around, myself included. It is also a word we act out whether we are aware of it or not.

Just think how far we could go if we consciously set out to put it into practice in every situation..

Not to be confused with complicating everything, but to make it better, to improve upon it.


According to the dictionary, Enhance is to heighten, increase; especially :  to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness <enhanced the room with crown molding>

Decorators and home stagers are all about enhancing a home, a room or a particular area as their professional eye tells them it needs improvement.

Designers can drastically change a room with the goal of improving and enhancing the functionality as well as the appearance of the space.

Enhancing always has a pay off. It’s well worth the effort and time.

Enhancing is not about comparing yourself to others or even to your past self;  the way you used to look or what you use to have.

Comparison is self defeating and takes away . It does not enhance.


Look at the current reality and who you are today and either accept or change the situation.

Every choice we make diminishes or enhances. If it’s not adding to your life, it is taking away.

We’ve all got some dead wood to prune


Friendships are some of the best things in life.. Good friends ease our stress and enhance our health. And then there are those friendships that diminish rather than enhance. You know what to do with those.. Sometimes you just need to walk away.


I can think of many areas of my life that can use a little or, lets be honest , a lot of enhancement.

I wished I could say the enhanced pictures I’m posting are of the new house I moved into six weeks ago. I’m good, but not that good..

These pictures, from the 2012 Southern Living Farm House, are giving me ideas to start enhancing the 3200 square feet that will be a major project in the 12 months ahead.


I will be getting all the ideas I can get my hands on and blogging about the journey.

The house is not the only area I will be working on.  There are other situations needing concentrated doses of enhancement.

Not having a crystal ball, I don’t know how my 2015 word of the year will play out.


What about you? Did you have a word that guided you in 2014 and have you chosen a word for 2015?


I would love to hear your story!