Random memories of December

Before December 2014 becomes more of a blur in my mind, I must tell you some of the wonderfulness I experienced this season.

I was honored to be asked to be the guest pianist  at an annual Community Christmas Candlelight Service. The service was  held at an historical church a few hours away.

The church was beautifully decorated and the candlelight added to the loveliness of the setting.



Smoaks (2)

Although, as you can tell, this piano is not a grand and it has a few years on it, don’t let that fool you.

It was so easy to play and the sound was heavenly. A joy to play and, as I said, quite an honor to be part of the program. It was one of the most cherished highlights of December 2014.


This was the year certain members of the family had committed to make DIY gifts. Now I had agreed to this earlier in the year, when I had no idea I would be selling a house and moving.

But it was a no excuse commitment.  What I chose was not the most creative or difficult. I’m almost embarrassed to show you, But just in case you need a quick idea for a DIY gift.

I decorated canvas tote bags. I bought the bags at Hobby Lobby. With a little paint and stenciling,  Ta da ….a personalized bag. I decorated front and back with fabric paint.



Tote 2WP_20141223_003

tote 3WP_20141223_005

The gifts I received in return were so much more creative than a tote bag.

They showed me up big time! Thanks ladies

.. scarf

An Eternity Scarf. How did she do that! I would have no idea how to start such a project.



A Thankful Jar. Loving this idea and so much to be grateful for.

Love, Love Loving this body butter and chap stick.


The contents are out of this world. Someone knew peppermint is my favorite scent during the holidays. Other scents were made for other people. Are you impressed? I sure was.


And then this…Pink Lady Dried Apple Chips.


Although the next gift was purchased, not homemade, it was a thoughtful gift indeed.

A dear daughter helping me move in, noticed my hand mixer was just a little outdated. That is putting it mildly. So I got this


And last, but certainly not least



What originally. A soup cookbook with a touching letter inside and recipes.


And even packages of some of the ingredients I will need.

Thanks Ladies!!!  You are all so talented and creative.

So happy to call you FAMILY!