This is the week for getting it done

How is your list going?

I know you have one.

My mental list, you know the one I don’t write down,  is getting shorter this week. I am coming down to the wire to get things done before the holiday season begins.

1. Two oversized closets cleaned out for overnight guests that will be here for Thanksgiving.     Gotta have room for suitcases.

2. Garage area cleaned out and organized. My stash of stuff has been there from moving in day (1 year) . I had forgotten what most of it was. Some went to Goodwill.

3. Strip and repaint coffee table. Can’t check this off yet, but here’s where I am with this project.


Starting point.. Tray coffee table. Under the wicker tray is ugly peeling paint. With the wicker tray, really can’t see it and it looks pretty good.  There are plans for a family puzzle project during the holidays on this table top without the tray. 



Step one….sanding and stripping


Step 2. More sanding and stripping


Yes, this table was once painted with white chalk paint……before the brown.

Did I mention this table is 25 yrs. old?

Step 3. You guessed it More Stripping and Sanding.



And I will start again tomorrow with more sanding and stripping. Going to try a citrus paint dissolver recommended by another blogger. I Will let you know how it works.

At this point, I don’t know if the makeover table will end up with paint or stain. It will be determined on the success or non success,  of the sanding and stripping.

After pictures later.

Now what else is on that list………sigh