life and flip flop


It’s not about flip flops today…..it’s about flip flop’s of life.

None of us were  handed a script for life along with our birth certificate.

We do our best to make good choices and at times, just wing it. Most of the time I feel more comfortable

in the  safe haven of predictability instead of the risk of an adventure that may not turn out well.

And then recently,…….  “what the heck”  let’s go for it. That is so  not me.


Now before you come to the conclusion that I went to Las Vegas and gambled away my life savings,

let me said, nope that’s not me either. Oh no, any risks I normally take come with a safety net.

What a contradiction I am;  playing it safe and taking risks??


We recently went for an adventure, after counting the costs ,of course . Life went a little flip flop.


The mister was offered an opportunity that would require a temporary move or if we wanted, a permanent move. My safety net ……. a temporary home in the new location and keeping the house we bought less than 2 years ago. We travel home on the weekend..Change, Change, Change. We don’t  have an exit date and don’t know how long this adventure will continue……we’re just winging it and enjoying the journey.

WP_20160131_016 (1)

And I get to decorate our weekday rented townhouse. In fact, that’s what I’ve been doing. I just couldn’t take you

with me until the computer issue was resolved..

Although it’s a small space and decorating must be done on a shoe string budget, it has been Fun Fun Fun!.

And because of the location, flip flops are at my door regularly these days.