Home sweet Home

Over the years, there’s been numerous places I’ve called home. Some were tiny homes, such as an 8 feet wide mobile home. I was very young and very proud of my little home.

There have been old houses, new houses, and some in between houses. There have been upstairs apartments, downstairs apartments, duplex apartments, furnished and unfurnished places. I loved them all. Some were like a bad love affair, you know where you keep trying to make it work, but in the end you just have to walk away.

My current love affair is with a 70’s town house. A living room, kitchen and half bath downstairs with stairs leading up to 2 bedrooms and bath upstairs. The rooms are roomy enough for the two of us.

The challenge is, it’s a rental we will be leaving behind at some point. Some of the things my “let’s redesign” eye keeps seeing, is not practical or even allowed.

It’s decorating only , temporary only and keeping in mind, I don’t want to move all the furnishings back home even if I had the room.

I will be donating or selling the furnishings, lovingly placed here to make it homey, one day. A few things I intend to integrate into the other house and purchased them with that in mind.  And both decorators have the same taste. wink wink.

As I walked through the empty rooms they seem to be saying, or was it my imagination, Pick me. I listened to this sad neglected little place and saw something I could work with. We bonded and I made promises to leave it looking better than when I came.

Game on!!!!!!

Lets go outside first.

I’ve cleaned the front concrete stoop and walkway a bit. So much black mildew. Must have been there for years. I used straight bleach on it. Seems to do the trick. There aren’t  any plants that would be affected by the bleach.

I don’t have access to a pressure washer which would also do an awesome job of getting rid of black mildew.


A wreath on the front door and a pot of colorful zinnias says  “welcome home.”

The below picture was taken from the front door looking out toward the side walk which you can see is black with mildew. I kid you not, the walkway to my door looked the same way before I cleaned it. You can see in the picture the white lines made by the bleach dripping down to the sidewalk.

Although my porch and walkway looks 1000% better, plans are for one more try at getting it spot free. I am such a persnickety clean freak.


The back patio is larger than the front. I’ve started cleaning and gave out of bleach.


It’s on it’s way to awesome!





Back door coming out of the kitchen.


Flowers enhancing the beauty of a soon to be stain free patio.