Summer Reading

Ready or not, we are less than a month away from those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Those days of sunning by the pool or sitting at the beach, with our summer reading close by, are just around the corner.

My library card has been getting lots of use lately. And frequent trips to the used book store confirms ,I’m a book junkie.

When I start reading a book, I plan to read a little each night before going to bed. What usually happens…….  sometimes I  read until the wee hours of the morning because I can’t put the book down.

I have several favorite authors and I will read anything that has their name on it.

Diane Mott Davidson is an American novelist who writes food theme mysteries. There is a series of books around the character Goldy Schulz.  Goldy is a small town caterer who spends her spare time solving murder mysteries.

And a bonus in the books are recipes from Goldy’s recipe file.

And if you like to read about people in  far away places, such as Ireland.

you need to become acquainted with Maeve Binchey’s books.

Maeve Binchey writes wonderful, heartwarming, addictive stories .

You have been warned.




Both best selling authors have an extensive list of works; enough for the entire summer and then some, unless you’re a book junkie like me.

Call me old school. I like the feel of a book and turning the pages. However, anyway you choose to read, electronically or a hardcopy,

Happy Reading! Would love to hear about your favorite reads