painting the front door

If painting the front door is on a DIY’s list, Easy Peasy,


But choosing the color…..not so easy. Benjamin Moore has made it easier with their online painting tools. After logging in and downloading a picture, you can click on the area you want to paint, and just like that……the paint color is changed.

This pretty house is listed for sale with a white door. Lets have fun and see what it looks like with a different color door.

312 Greene St, Cheraw, SC 29520

IMG_6740              White

Tomato Red.

Caribbean Blue Water


Below  Anchor Gray

Absolute Green

Although, I usually like quieter colors, the tomato red is a nice contrast and in harmony with the red geraniums. The Caribbean blue water is really rocking it too.  Maybe if we changed the flowers to correspond with the door too? What do you think? Do you have a favorite? If not there are a lot more options and easily changed without messing up your manicure.

Now, we have to think about doing something with those shutters.


North to Alaska

House tours. I can’t get enough of them.

When I can’t get there, a virtual tour works just as well.

I was reading the definition of virtual—–very close to being something without actually being it.

That makes a virtual tour……almost real.

When I learned someone I love dearly was moving to Alaska, and after thinking how far away it was and how much I would miss her,  my thinking went to  “I wonder what  the real estate is like there?”

Isn’t she a beautiful little missy or Mrs. now?


SO ………..House touring in Alaska we go.

Virtually of course.

Because I want to see the current trends, I’m looking under new construction

Isn’t this a cute little place, well not so little………3382 square feet…on an acre of land.

It has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths…

Let the tour begin.






I don’t like a lot of conversation when I’m touring. I can look better when it’s quiet.

and the basement

A beautiful home that could be in my neighborhood or a lot of neighborhoods in the lower 48 ………..until you see the views. Not my neighborhood at all.

Maybe one day I will get to visit my sweet girl and see her and the views in reality instead of virtual.  And a virtual hug is no where close to being a real hug.


It’s a Summer state of mind

It’s June……….It’s the start of summer vacations…

It’s swimming….it’s biking……..it’s hiking……it’s camping

it’s running through the sprinklers….it’s chasing the ice cream truck…

It’s a summer state of mine.

It’s time to embrace  summer….inside and outside.

It’s time for transformation…..bringing in lighter and brighter

Put away those heavy comforters, bring in the fun fabrics.

IMG_6705 (2)






Bring in the florals and greens.




and the botanicals…..





Set a sunny table

sunny table

It’s June calling us into a Summer state of mine.