The little joys


My life has been pretty incredible so far and I am grateful for the blessings that I wake up to each morning. No, I’m not filthy rich and living the life of luxury. There have been times when all I could find in the house to eat were a few  saltine crackers and peanut butter until the next payday.

And keeping it real, not everyday is fun and games. Some days I just want to go back to sleep until the crisis is over and those crappy feelings are gone.

There are some givens at the top of my list of Joys: God, Jesus, freedom and the USA. Those are the biggies. And there’s good health, money, a place to live, clothes and food on the list.

But I have a list of things that are specific to me. These things make me smile and they could make you ask…..Really?…..that’s on your joy list?

I don’t have my head in the sand. I realize there are grave problems in the world. And the good old USA is seriously divided on most issues of importance. With that being said, my list may seem to be frivolous. But it’s the little things that bring a little joy and sunshine that get you through the doom and gloom of the news.

I will keep it to a short list. Not in any particular order, here we go.

A new book to read….. They’re all good, a brand new, or a used book, hardcover or paperback (although lately I am enjoying the large print.) Fiction is my choice.

Love stories with a happy ending make the big, bad world go away for me. Ahhhh love. It’s always the answer. And sometimes a little mystery thrown makes it more interesting.

Examining the spoils of a shopping day.After a day of shopping, coming home and taking the items our of their bags. As I touch and examine my finds, it’s almost like shopping for them all over again. I do this as soon as I get home and after inspection, put them away.

A delivered package. Fed Ex, UPS or USP, doesn’t matter how it arrives, it’s Santa coming to my house. It doesn’t even matter what is in the package or the size. When the doorbell rings and I see it’s a package, my heart does a little dance.

I know….strange

An iced cold can of Diet Dr. Pepper… after it has been iced down in a cooler. Pulling that tab starts an indescribable feeling of glee . A bottled soda just doesn’t do it.

And ………this

An unexpected M & M


When I think my M&M bag is empty and I find one more that I haven’t eaten. The unexpected one is always the best.

And that’s a peek inside my survival bag. What’s in yours?


Waiting………..still waiting

IMG_7443 (2)

A show of hands, “How many of you enjoy waiting?”



Interesting…..I see no one’s hands up, not mine for sure

.. .... ..Peace at the end of the day


I try to be a patient waiter, meaning not complaining while waiting

beautiful moto : Photo


It doesn’t help to complain, doesn’t speed things up and I tell myself,

It will happen if and when it’s suppose to happen.

I love that this might represent just about any town any where in our world on Christmas Eve. It seems the whole world is more than ready to close shop and call it a day, and get home, safe and sound. Then, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.:

What helps me during this limbo time, is to find something else to focus on.

Something pretty and restful to look at; like these photos.


Sand and ocean colors are so peaceful and I have always been drawn to sea landscapes #LGLimitlessDesign & #Contest:

Looking at these breathtaking photos takes  me to a “Be still my soul” place.

Beautiful picture. Such a talented photographer.


Stop here and sit a spell. Breath, Breath, Breath


Secret Places, Holland. by Nelleke Pieters

Seems life is a series of waits. Wait to grow up, wait to finish school, wait to find the right career, wait to find the right partner, wait to have children….and on it goes.



Peaceful country scene; cows and barn

Wonderful things to wait for, not so wonderful and some ‘time will tell’

if it was wonderful or not.

A calm and peaceful scene on a farm with an old small row boat next to a dam.

Now I’m  waiting…….waiting  on the closing date to buy a cottage. The townhouse has  served it’s purpose, but it’s time to move on. 


One of life's beautiful scenes... www.facebook.com/loveswish

New spaces waiting, new walls waiting, new floors waiting

Waiting for someone with an addiction to decorating to walk through the door and that would be me.

And, of course, you’ll be there for it all.

The wait is almost over.



Picking for Money

Do you remember the first paying job you had as a child? I do.

Before Disney World, before Six Flags and before Carowinds, in the South there

were………………County Fairs.

I know annual county and state fairs are still popular events, but they don’t create the same excitement and anticipation of knowing the fair is coming to town, as it did back then. It was almost like looking forward to Christmas.

The week long event was not to be missed although I had missed it many times.

Student day was on Tuesday. That meant there were free admission tickets to the fair handed out at school. They were good for one day only.

The ticket would get me through the gate, but I had no money to ride the rides or buy cotton candy. It wouldn’t be any fun to get in the gate and watch as the Ferris Wheel went round and round without me. Or watch other kids eating sticky candy apples and cotton candy.     Ferris_wheel[1]

And the issue of a ride to the fairgrounds?  The fairgrounds weren’t close and parents driving us wasn’t an option. So much had to fall into place, but this was the year. It was going to happen! This 11 year old had waited long enough

My older brother, sister, and I approached a young couple next door for the possibility of a ride with them. They said we could as long as it was ok with our parents. Parents were ok with that plan, but reiterated there would be no money for us to spend at the fair. No one ever accused them of being over indulgent to their offspring. And that’s ok. We learned a lesson in self reliance.

One problem solved. We had a ride. Now problem number 2. How were we going to get the money we would need? Although you could get by with just a few dollars, even that would take creative thinking. How to earn money?

We didn’t get an allowance at home, nor were we paid to do chores. Our closest neighbors, the young couple, were struggling financially and wouldn’t be hiring any help.

Since the fair came in early fall, there was only one way to get the money.

We would pick cotton. There was a farm about a half a mile away from our rural home. You could see the cotton needed to be picked. It couldn’t be that hard could it?  We approached the farmer and just like that, I had my first paying job.


I was given an apron to tie around my waist and shown how to pick it and put it in the pockets of the apron. Although the instructions were simple, the pay was determined by the weight of the cotton you picked. I don’t remember the rate of pay per pound, but I know it takes a lot of cotton picking to come up with a pound. And it’s not easy on the back, even a young back.

We started picking cotton after school a couple of weeks before the fair. By the end of the week before the fair, we had our fair money.  Dreams do come true.


I am living in an area now where I watched as cotton was planted in the spring. I see it growing and can’t wait to see the fields white with cotton this fall, ready to be picked.

And forever in my mind, I will associate fields of cotton with the county fair. The smells and sights of the fair are intermingled with the rows and rows of white cotton.


Thanks to that farmer who gave me my first ever paying job. I guess you could call it a dream job, because that job made a little girl’s dream come true.