Riding high


There were many years, for one reason or another, instead of a summer vacation, I had a “staycation.’ (not that the word existed way back then)

As you know, a staycation is a period when a family stays homes and participates in leisure activities within driving distance during the day and sleeps in their own bed at night.


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I was fortunate to be living in an area that hosted a hot air balloon festival every year, somewhere between Memorial Day and Fourth of July. What a fun staycation a balloon festival was for me and many families.


Las Vegas .. balloons 298


Balloons 2011 090Las Vegas .. balloons 285 (1)

It is all about these beautiful balloons  lifting off twice a day, weather permitting.

In between, there were tethered balloon rides, kids play area, games, food and drinks. There was live entertainment during the day and music concerts in the evenings.

Something for everyone.

Early risers were rewarded with a beautiful sight of maybe a hundred balloons dotting the sky, sailing over homes where many were still sleeping.


Las Vegas .. balloons 299



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Las Vegas .. balloons 285 (2)


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And again a couple of hours before dark, cars would line the highways as their occupants anticipated the balloons lifting off and passing over them.

Some balloons might land in the yards of neighborhoods as far as 10 miles away. The wind determined the direction the chaser trucks would go to pick up the balloon and balloonists once they were on the ground again.

Yep I was one of those with my camera handy and have been known to follow a balloon I saw close to the ground.


Las Vegas .. balloons 267

Las Vegas .. balloons 268

Although I’ve never been up in one, a staycation at the balloon festival was a wonderful way to have that vacation feeling and the fun was riding high.

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