when you’re not really looking

Some of the best things in life come unexpectedly, when we’re not really looking.


For instance, friends. Living away from friends and family for awhile, I mistakenly thought I could just decide to make friends in my new area and it would happen.


After being here for 6 months, I have made 0….that’s zero, aught, nada…no, not one. Sad isn’t it? Sigh…..


After accessing my friendliness level on a scale from 1 to 10, I gave myself a 7. You have to be a friend to have a friend, so they say.

Not too bad for a shy girl. Soooooo what is my problem?

IMG_6986 (2)

I have 2 sisters and we are the best of friends. Even living in different cities, we manage to stay in touch and have giggly,silly, girlfriend talk.

And I have adult daughters, now we’re friends also.

I also have wonderful friends, just not nearby.


As I contemplated my situation the lightbulb came on. I can never make friends when I’m looking for one. Never have.

My very best friendships were made when I wasn’t looking for a friend. These friendships have lasted many years and some even decades.

They all started when I wasn’t looking for a friend.

As of today, I’m officially NOT LOOKING FOR A FRIEND. Spread the word for me, would you?


And while I’m not looking, I’m researching recipes for…you guessed it…friendship cake. A girl has to be prepared.

friendship cake