Tea party and pretty girls

You know how you have certain activities you like to do with certain friends or family.

They seem to share your enthusiasm which makes it all the more fun.

These two pretties and I go way back when it comes to tea parties. Do you ever out grow tea parties. I think not.


It’s not very often that we are all in the same town together and when we are,

we plan our time wisely to catch up and to reminisce about the way-back-when days.

A  time when life seemed  to move at a slower pace. We had all the time in the world for tea parties and such.



On a warm July Saturday 2016 morning, we sat around the breakfast table with our tea cups filled with…………………coffee. Oh yea, pretty girls grow up and it’s ok to drink coffee in those dainty little cups


The coffee was smooth, the conversation exciting as each of us had news to share. And the morning sped by as we created another memory in our tea/coffee party history.

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Tea cups and little girls at heart.