And This

Hello everyone!  Hot enough for you? Couldn’t resist. hee hee

I thought after the dog days of summer (july3-August 11 according to Farmer’s almanac) it would be just a little bit cooler…….maybe a degree or two? Jeez maybe half a degree?


The heat index, dangerous and uncomfortable, has been over 100 degrees for several days.

And this………..Two days after closing on the house, the air conditioning quit working. We had painted the master bedroom the day before, the air worked fine. The next day, when we went over, air is not working at all. We have a few more days before we have to totally be moved in.  Sleeping there now would be unbearable……..sigh……..maybe this week it will be fixed. Meanwhile, painting has ceased, but moving in continues. It is in the 90’s  in the house, plus the heat index……yikes.

Rooms left to be painted, which is all except one…  Five more rooms, a hallway with built in bookcases, two bathrooms and closets.

The room below will be used as an office/TV room, I think. Even with three windows, it doesn’t get a lot of light. I lighten the picture for viewing purposes.

Trees will be trimmed soon that are blocking the light, not to mention damaging the roof.


Dining room below, will also have a lighter wall color and will NOT have contrasting colors below the chair rail.



Below is one of the bathrooms. It is not on the top of the list to be painted. Although it has good tile work and overall in great condition, I won’t be satisfied unless it is also painted. I feel like I need to put my paint brush stamp on every inch to make it me.











All the walls are a medium gray… my plans are for a warmer, lighter color on the walls….Each room will be an experiment as I work with the light coming in.

Sigh…….. Paint supplies sitting idle…… This is just wrong!!!


“Book of Mar”

Walmart clerks are usually polite, but too busy to start a conversation. Just “hey, how are you” and then “have a good day” as you’re leaving.


Yesterday, I was getting  supplies for moving: boxes, duck tape, a couple of plastic bins.etc. (moving starts this week)  I was caught off guard when the clerk, a young adult, maybe early 20’s, started a conversation.


Maybe he was looking at my purchases or maybe I looked extra smart in my reading glasses…I don’t know why he asked, “Are you a teacher?”

Is there a discount at Walmart if you’re a teacher?


At first I said “no”….but then I said   “I’m a teacher, but not in school.” I thought that would be the end of our conversation.


He continued……”what do you teach?’  I said, “morals”.   He said,  “what is that?” I said, “I teach people to do the right thing and how to be a good person.” He said “really?”  Then…. “Where do  you teach that?” I said, “everywhere”.  He seemed very interested….


I said “ I teach my children and grandchildren everyday by example and by telling them how to be a good and decent person.”



Every morning, I send out, via text, a quote of encouragement, direction and/or instruction on how to live life.  It’s up to them to heed. A teacher can only teach.This endeavor is called the “Book of Mar”   When the “Book of Mar” began, I thought it would be a temporary project, but many years later it’s still going strong.  Our need to teach and be taught is a lifelong pursuit.


As I was leaving, the clerk ask one of the other clerks if she wanted a bottle of water. He said he was going to get himself one and would bring one back for her.

I said, “looks like someone has been taking the class on how to be a good person”

He said “yea, my mom and grandmother are the teachers.” I said, “ they are doing a wonderful job.”  He said “Thanks and have a good day.”


Best Walmart experience I’ve ever had.

Everyday is an opportunity to teach and be taught.


What I did with my extra August Day.

Holding patterns are not a comfortable place for me.  I must keep busy. The first week of August was a week of waiting……….waiting on permission to move forward with the house.


After repairs, the date for closing kept moving forward. By the fourth day,  I needed something to take my mind off things I had little, if any, control of.


My “go to” stress reliever is decorating and re decorating.

Not a problem for me at all.


September is shaping up to be a busy month. And August has 31 days. September only has 30. Makes sense to move some of September projects to August, such as fall decorating.


I stopped myself before I got to the outside. It is still summer out there.

IMG_7116 (2)





IMG_7143 (2)






IMG_7142 (2)






So, my dears, what are you going to do with your extra August day going into September? Maybe like me it’s already been spent. I have to say, in my case, it was a day well spent.