The yellow House (part 2)

Here we are in the yellow house. I know I left you on the edge of your seats saying “what did she do to the walls?”

Well, wait no more. To remind you of the color scheme….. two kelly green director chairs to go with the black vinyl sofa, two white parson tables as coffee table and black and white checked bedspreads on each side of the window.

The walls were going to bring it all together…… I didn’t have the funds to paint or wallpaper the walls. The walls were white, which would now be called “builder’s white.’’  Not too exciting for a black, white, and kelly green decor.

I don’t know where I got the idea…it wasn’t a popular fad..and again no pinterest, no internet… but here I was with the girls looking on…..a feather duster in my hand……dare I do this?

duster 3

The girls, who had been taught not to color on the walls, watched as mommy colored the walls with red paint.


And I let them have a turn at it.

I got a few more feather dusters and painted one bedroom cotton candy pink.

pink feather duster wall

I also painted the bathrooms at the church we went to. The lady’s bathroom got lavendered and the men’s….blue of course.


lavender feather dusting

Everyone thought I was so talented.

Me…I thought I was chic.

Next week will be the beginning of the move.  I will be shopping for paint….but no feather dusters….my chic days are over.

Loud walls…..not for me these days.


The Yellow House (part one)

As I have been looking at paint chips, thinking about furniture placement, window shopping online, for my “soon to be” decorating project, my mind wandered way back to some of my first attempts at making  a house a home, way back when I was a young mommy.

It was the somewhere between the mid to late 70’s. We had moved into an old rental house we lovingly called “the yellow house”, for no other reason than it was yellow.

The  yellow house was one of those houses that seemed like home the minute I walked in the door. It was something I could work with. The hardwood floors were already there. And there was a fireplace in the living room.

There was no HGTV for inspiration,(gasp) no Pinterest, or house Reno magazines. If fact, I don’t think the word Reno had been invented.

We moved the big, black, vinyl, yard sale sofa into the living room facing the fireplace.  Two small, white, plastic  parsons table were in front of the sofa to serve as a coffee table. The piano went in the corner. Black and white checked curtains (made out of bedspreads) flanked the double window.

black sofa


black drapes

I now needed chairs. A small town, fifteen miles away, had a few stores on Main St. One was called a Variety Store……and it had…….. a variety of things. One day the girls and I went in, just to browse, and there they were. Chairs for the living room….chairs to coordinate with the black vinyl sofa. And the price was right…clearance …$3 each. Somewhere in my 1970’s decorating mind, I heard director chairs were “chic”. And before my eyes were two Kelly green director chairs similar to this one. They were meant to be mine. The girls agreed and the “chic” chairs went home with us.

green chair

Wow!!! What was I thinking. For the living room??? Really?

My young daughters were eager to help mom fix up the house.

Our next step was to add color to the walls. I don’t know why I thought this was ok in a rental house. Perhaps, I had asked permission. You are not going to believe the walls.

Stay tune for part 2.