Pumpkins, Peppermint and Pinto Beans

What’s all white, comes in a jar and smells sooooo good?

(answer later)



The search is on. Starting in September , as soon as the shelves are being stocked with  harvest garland, pinecone wreaths, red pumpkins, white pumpkins, green foam pumpkins and gourds…..and as soon as I see aisles of “Give Thanks”  wall hangings and colorful cornucopia paper plates, my heart skips a beat and my nose is on alertĵ

Will this be the year?…..


My favorite all time candle scent can only be found this time of year, if at all. There have been years when the search comes up empty. But I am an eternal optimist and am not deterred by the occasional disappointment.

And I am not disappointed this year. I found Peppermint scented candles at Michaels.

The answer to….what’s all white, comes in a jar and smells soooooo good.


Mingled in with scents of Fall; pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon,  will be Peppermint Lane.  I will not be waiting till Christmas for this.

It is quite lovely with the fall colors and decor.




And what goes with pumpkins and peppermint candles? Well that would be a pinto bean and cornbread supper with a special lady who aids and abets my addiction to decorating over the top for fall. She’s always giving me something she saw while shopping and thought of me. She is a sweetie.

My low maintenance daughter’s favorite supper is easy and simple. Pinto Beans and cornbread.


What could be simpler than supper cooking in a crockpot. I get more time to decorate and set the table, creating the ambiance for the evening.



My grandmother’s silverware, which is usually in storage, was brought out for the pumpkin, peppermint and pinto bean supper. The pattern is called “Precious”.
“Precious” is a Roger’s International silver flatware from 1941. It is beautiful and should be used more often.


While on my ‘’”peppermint high”, I just couldn’t help myself and I took more pictures of the scenes of autumn.










I can not explain why I am in love with Peppermint candles, it’s just the way it is.

Some things aren’t to be questioned, just accepted.



I’m not fond of eating peppermint or decorating excessively with it at Christmas.

But peppermint scented candles are  irresistible and I’m not looking to do anything to change that.

I bought enough Peppermint Lane to see me through to the New Year!

We all need that one thing, no matter how simple,  that makes our eyes light up with the joy it brings to our hearts or, in my case, my nose.