A little before and after

Redwood decks and fences are very attractive, as in the picture below.

DFW DeckWorks Dallas Deck Builder Cedar Redwood Trex. Staining ...

 But not quite as attractive when it’s on the top of a dining room table.




When you only pay $70 for a dining room table, you don’t mind a little extra work.


And work it was to make the redwood look disappear

Sanding with a hand sander……..


and more sanding


and carefully sanding  to not damage the wood.


After sanding, I washed it down with Murphy oil soap and let it dry overnight.

Then the moment of truth…..to stain or not to stain. It would  have been a piece of cake to just paint over the redwood color with chalk paint. But I really wanted the wood to show through. As much as I sanded, there were still traces of red.

After testing several stains, the winner is………………… Antiquing glaze.



The rich, warm brown of the glaze was absolutely a perfect match. Red is all gone.



And I’m having loads of table scape fun.