It’s sofa day

There’s a hush of expectation in the living room. For weeks now, the chairs must have notice the big empty space in front of the two windows.


In front of these windows will be the long anticipated sofa, later today. The windows have undergone a change, no blinds and curtain panels for now.

The sofa will bring it all together…Can’t wait, can’t wait.

And now the rest of the story.

Somehow, in the mysteries of blogland, this post was out there in cyber land. 

Sofa Day was actually November 8. It was almost like Christmas in November. Ordering online can be a nail biting experience as you push the button to “order now”. If it’s a big item, such as a sofa, you know you will be stuck with it or pay a ton of money to send it back. This was the biggest risk I had taken in ordering online. It seemed I had no other options, so I bravely said “buy now” and waited a few weeks for the big truck delivery.

Whatever it turned out to be, I was already loving it. I never thought not having a sofa would make the room seem so empty, even with three chairs that had taken up residence in the living room.

When it arrived it was the right color…..check

It was the right size…………………………check

It was plush, as advertised……………………not check….. The sofa is actually firmer than any sofa that I’ve ever had. But, after getting use to it……I like it. It’s much easier to stand after sitting awhile.

Ready to see this check, check, not check sofa???


A little tease……..empty space again with drapes now.


The Sofa!!!!








And that, my friends, is the Sofa Day story, lost in space, but now found it’s way back to the blog.

And that is the last of the major furniture searching for the cottage on Greene. Hurray!