It’s a wrap……almost..Part 1

Two days away is New Year’s Eve, the day before 2017  begins. A brand new shiny year to unwrap.

Like it or not, ready or not , it’s here.

As in the previous year, there will be ups and downs, highs and lows. good and bad times. Life as it happens

As my way of closure for the year,  I’m sharing a recap of each of the twelve months of 2016.

I will refrain from the obvious “where did the time go?”

January 2016, I chose the word “hope” as my go to word for the year.

Hope served me well this year. As we experienced most of the year embroiled in political turmoil and an election outcome continuing to divide our country……..Hope

As we face daily challenges…..Hope

As we face unknown fears…….Hope

In February, a move to a small town for a job opportunity for the hubby, brought excitement, apprehensions and a bit of work to find our home away from home.

We settled into a small, unfurnished apartment near his workplace. 

It was shoestring decorating. But it was Home Sweet Home.

In March, we celebrated Easter with friends and family back home. It was a bitter sweet time, as we enjoyed hiding eggs with the little ones and reminisced of better times with loved ones who are spending Easter with the Lord and Savior.


In April, I continued furnishing the apartment by bringing small pieces of furniture from our main house, 3 1/2 hours away.

We went back there for the weekend and travelled back to the apartment on Sunday afternoons, bringing a load of “stuff” with us.

We are accumulating quite a bit in the apartment. Strange , nothing seems to be missing from the main house yet.


In May, decorating the apartment is done and mostly I’m sitting around reading. I do enjoy reading, but it’s so not me to sit for long.

Hubby and I have come to the conclusion, apartment living is not for us.

We explored nearby towns with plans to find a little cottage to buy.

We celebrated Memorial day at the main house and went back to the apartment. 

In June we were in house hunting mode when hubby got home from work everyday.

In the historical district of a town with homes like these….



We find this.

A “just the right size” cottage with a few projects..

…… not too many.

Guess I won’t be going to the library for a while.

To be continued.



Twas the week before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas………….. and all about the house

The hustle and bustle now quieted,……….  inside and out

The house now adorned ……….with festive decor

Greenery, lights and………..  bright ribbon galore.



Nutcrackers and snowmen…………are out once again

Joining the reindeer……………… and gingerbread men.




Christmas tree china ………….on  plates of gold.

Soon to be filled……………. with goodies untold.


 Joyful songs of Noel………………the carolers sing.

Then perhaps a verse of ……..when sleigh bells ring.






Wrapped colorful packages……..under the tree.

Soon will be opened ……..with plenty of glee.

The festive  tree………proudly stands in the hall.

Then the babe in the manager…….the reason for it all!



It doesn’t have to be perfect, does it?

I’m feeling it. The last two weeks before Christmas and I’m doing, doing, doing  again  what I said last year I wouldn’t be doing.

The crunch of too many projects and too many activities and me expecting it all to fall into place perfectly.

The house must be decorated and cleaned perfectly. The DIY gifts have to look anything but DIY.


My face has to appear rested and relaxed and not tense and dull from sleepless nights.



The gift buying must be thoughtful and be just what they wanted.

And the holiday is not complete without tins filled with holiday sugary delights..


Yeah, I’m feeling it again.

The need to have it all together.

I recently read an article that required deep soul searching.

Is the reason I want to have it all together…..

because I want to be the  hero of Christmas?

I want my loved ones to have joy,

but do I want to be the one who puts the joy there?

Tough questions that require honest answers.

umm…  I don’t believe I want to be the hero of Christmas,.

I just  don’t want to be the one that brings down the holiday spirit…….not on my time.

That said…I guess yes…I do want to be the one spreading joy. And isn’t that’s what the season is about?

Spreading the joy. And that’s where we all must be reminded that the joy is not all about us.

It’s not about what we do or don’t do.

It’s about spreading the joy of His birth and the joy of the reason He was born.


Although the  first Christmas was in simple surroundings,

the celebration lit up the sky. The lights we use to decorate can’t compare

with a host of angels lighting up the night.

And the Christmas music we listen to ……no comparison to Angels singing

“Glory to God in the Highest, Peace Goodwill to men.”

A lighted star atop the tree is merely a symbol of the bright star the wise men followed.

So  light the lights, decorate outlandishly, wrapped the gifts and make the goodies.

Spread the joy in all you do. The joyous news is the gift of His love; the gift that keeps on giving.

Just remind yourself that as you’re spreading the joy, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The joy that comes from the heart is always perfect.