Summer Games

June has arrived…….the month that officially ushers in the beginning of summer.

Yay for Summer……….. the favorite season for  kids for the obvious reason. No School!!


For you grown up kids, don’t let the heat and humidity of summer keep you indoors under the comforts of air conditioning.

Get out and enjoy the beauties of summer and always have a camera handy..


Some of my  best memories, of the long days of summer,  are the games I played with my siblings and neighborhood kids..

Hide and seek, we played for hours, until it was too dark to see.


During the day, it was never too  hot for a game of baseball with the neighborhood kids.

And as it was just starting to get dark, we brought out the old mason jars to catch fire flies.

Back then we called them lightening bugs.

 We spent many morning or afternoon hours playing Red Rover or Simon Said.


With 5 siblings and neighborhood kids, we could team up for a game of Dodge Ball.

Tag, you’re it,  kept us occupied for hours. And sometimes we varied the tag game to freeze tag.


All summer we were never bored as we kept ourselves occupied without any of today’s modern technologies.


My games of summer have changed over the years, but one thing hasn’t change.

My need to be outdoors. I have  to get outside and spend time with nature.

The healing power of the sun can make you feel like a new person.


I don’t  “lay out” to get a tan anymore. but I ” get out” to get a good dosage of Vitamin D before the hottest part of the day.


Starting the day walking an hour and half around the neighborhood

is my physical and mental fitness program for the summer. 

What I see on the way to the library for my next favorite thing……..

Summer Reading………… Love, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Comedy