Christmas Cottage

Getting anxious around the middle of December is normal, right?

No matter how much I’ve done to be ready for the celebration of Christmas, there’s always the other me saying, you have too much to do. You’ll never get it done. Just a week away is December 23, the Saturday before Christmas, the day  of our traditional family Christmas brunch.

The family brunch and any other holiday get togethers will be at the main house.

I’m packing up Christmas decorations at the cottage  …. We won’t  be back here until January 2018, the new year.


I think I will be ready to NOT see decorations when I return. The tree will remain and other decorations in the living room, but for the most part it will be de-Christmased


Now for some parting shots before all goes bye bye.


















My Christmas train. One of the better Hallmark movies this Christmas is “ The Christmas Train”.

The surprise ending ….very interesting. Even the mister enjoyed watching it with me.






Christmas at the cottage 2017….bye, bye.