Yum Yum …… Toasted Cashews

Pour olive oil into the saute pan.  Tilt the pan to spread out the oil over the surface of the  pan.

Heat the oil over medium to medium-high heat.

Add the cashews to the heated oil.

Cook the cashews for one to two minutes while constantly  stirring.

Remove the toasted, golden brown cashews from the pan.

Then brush on the living room wall     WHAAAAAAAT?

Just joking with you   Toasted Cashews is  the new color of my living room walls.

And the walls look just as yummy as the name.

It seems I always love the Behr paint that has a food name. English Toffee was the name my kitchen was painted at one time. When it came time to repaint, English Toffee had been discontinued.  I don’t like when that happns. Want a peek of Toasted Cashews  …  on the walls?

April 29 001

April 29 004

April 29 005

April 29 006

April 29 007

April 29 009

April 29 010

April 29 016

April 29 017

April 29 018

April 29 019


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