2013 Graduates / Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Memorial Day 2013 021

How easy it is to take for granted the blessings we enjoy each and every day because of the sacrifice of others.

We are never so  independent that someone hasn’t  given up something to help us along in life.

It may take a few years of life’s experiences to appreciate, honor and respect that family,

friends, and strangers are  a part of our accomplishments.

Acknowledging we didn’t do it alone, leads to feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

That frees us to pass it on or play it forward.

We attended four graduations in May of four awesome and  focused young ladies in our family.

Showing appreciation for their higher education opportunities , all graduated with high honors.

Yahoo!! How proud we are!

The twin, Tris and Tay,  graduated the first part of May. Both earned degrees in Psychology.

They  interned in child advocacy and plan to continue their education.Taylor Grad

                             Tris grad

We attended two graduations last week  in Las Vegas. Mother and daughter graduated with high honors.

Melissa graduated in art studies and Candace in paralegal studies. So proud of both!

Candace will be starting back to school in the fall. She has been working with the Public Defender’s office and may have found her calling.

Las Vegas .. balloons 116

Our plans for today….. take me out to the ballgame …. a hotdog and maybe peanuts…

Whatever you do today …  acknowledge those who have played a role in making  your life safer, richer, fuller, sweeter… and play it forward.

Thank you God for all your blessings toward our country.

Thank you to all  who sacrificed to keep our God given freedoms intact.

Memorial Day 2013 013

Memorial Day 2013 029

Memorial Day 2013 018

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