Southern Hash ……. Granny’s Hash

If you live in the south…..  you know the difference between “hash” and “Southern style hash.”

There are many different versions of hash, even Southern hash.

For whatever reason, hash is served on special occasions during the summer, such as July 4th and Memorial Day. 


Mom and Dad had their own recipe and all the kids and grandkids grew up looking forward to those special occassions when they knew granny would cook “granny’s hash.”


Now Mom would give her secret recipe to anyone that asked, but it still wasn’t “granny’s hash.”  Maybe she added an ingredient that only she could add and that was her love for her large circle of family and friends.  How we all miss her.

We recently found a restaurant that serves hash southern style. Dad declares that it  tastes very similar to the hash made by the family recipe.

We went there twice in July and he enjoyed it both times. Side dishes aren’t necessary when serving hash, although it can be served over rice. Mostly, my dad just wants plenty of  rolls with his.

My Sister likes to eat her hash over rice with side items. (And she never gains an ounce.)



Doesn’t this look yummy …… especially that macaroni and cheese.   Oops this is a blog about hash.


Because you are all my dear friends, I am going to share my Mom’s recipe. She would be thrilled to know “granny’s hash” will be famous in the world of blog land.

This is just as she wrote it down. 


4 lbs. Boneless Chuck Roast Beef

4 lbs Boston Butt Pork

12 medium size white potatoes

6 medium onions

4 cloves of garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Wash meat. Add salt and Pepper to meat

Immerse the meat in a large pot of water on stovetop,

Cook until tender, approximately 8 hrs.

Add peeled, washed and cut up potatoes, onions, and garlic.

Mash with masher.


Perhaps it will become your family recipe too!

Annie wouldn’t mind that at all. Smile


One last look at “granny’s hash.”






5 thoughts on “Southern Hash ……. Granny’s Hash

  1. I am going to cook this with my son, Sean. Hopefully, we can continue the tradition and make my grandma proud!

    • Please send pictures when you and Sean make the family recipe. How proud we all are of you. Grandma would be so happy to know the tradition is continuing. Don’t forget the lemonade!

  2. Just wanted you to know, I liked Granny’s hash the best. Hope one of the kids get it right so the hash will continue!

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