Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Now if that were true for birthday parties, I am way ahead this year.

Although  the  birthday was the first week in September,

I am still enjoying the celebrations toward the end of September.

This weekend I was treated to a wonderful, surprise birthday adventure.

It began with my friend and her husband giving us a ride to the birthday surprise venue.


winery bd 2013 006


I’m the one looking apprehensive in the back seat…   What could it be?

We sped along the narrow highway in the rain as I watched the lights of town grow dimmer.

OK…….. Something out in the country away from the lights of the city.

The idea of eating at a new restaurant as the surprise grew as dim as the lights in the rear window.

It was a few more miles of driving before we arrived at our destination.



winery bd 2013 010


Although the rain was coming down when we got there, it did not dampen our spirits of a fun filled evening.

A country vineyard and winery…..  what an imaginative thought for a birthday celebration.

The evening fun was just beginning as we walked through the doorway of City Scape Winery.


winery bd 2013 012



winery bd 2013 013


Cheers for a surprise well done!!    exclamation point.



winery bd 2013 018



winery bd 2013 022


She thought of everything to make the evening perfect…..

a tray of appetizers to enjoy with the wine tasting.

As you can see …. we didn’t care much for the food. wink wink.


The owners as well as the other patrons joined in the celebratory rendition  of Happy Birthday to me.


After the wine tasting we were treated with a mini tour of the grounds.

The rain hindered our visiting the vineyards. The tour of the winery and production area was

quite interesting as one of the owners explained passionately the process of growing the fruit….

and the manufacturing  and packaging of the wine.

winery bd 2013 024


winery bd 2013 023



The rain continued as we traveled to part two of the evening.

Is there anything better than an Olive Garden salad and bread sticks?

winery bd 2013 036


Unless it’s Spaghetti and meatballs……Yum Yum

Sorry ……..  the entrée did not stay around long enough to get a picture.

Thank you dear friends for a wonderful celebration……


The end …..of celebrating the birthday, but I’m sure we’ll find reasons to have another

festive evening again soon.












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