Some days ….. life is a mess

I read a quote once that said  “life is better messy.”

If that statement is true, life is good, better, best for me.


June 2010 252


The messy goes beyond the everyday living clutter around the house. Most of the time … easily taken care of.



June 2010 229


It’s the mess in my head. I can clean it out one day …  and just like unwashed dishes …back again.

Some days I have control and other days it’s like trying to control grasshoppers.


June 2010 244


Making peace with the what was,  what is and  what if’s, 

why do I pick up these daunting tasks?

Why do I not see the futileness of the effort and the energy it seeps from my soul?


June 2010 178


Is it because I believe everyone should be responsible for cleaning up their mess and I think somehow I can “fix it”?

Don’t I know that is not always possible?


June 2010 218



As my mind goes to what was………..  what am I thinking? really …………what am I thinking?

There’s a better chance of a July  snowfall … in the Bahamas than my being able to change what was.

Sure I can learn from it, but why do I relive what was.. only now with a  different ending?

sigh sigh sigh
June 2010 059

And all the what if’s.

There can be a boatload of what if negative thoughts on one of my messy days.


And maybe even a what if  positive thought or two.

And those can be fun (what if I win the lottery)  unless I set myself up for a big disappointment (didn’t happen)

You see… even the positive thoughts  can quickly become negative.


messy, messy messy

June 2010 211


My only hope of any control with this mess is……… to go with the what is.


June 2010 236


What is the truth, what is within my power to change, what are the things I must accept.


Sounds like the serenity prayer doesn’t it?

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.


yes, yes, yes …  wisdomness  to work with my sometimes messy life.

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