She’s a lady!

In the words of entertainer Tom Jones

“She’s got style, She’s got grace”

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

“She’s a lady.”

Unlike Tom Jones, I’m talking about Victorian Houses.


Now that’s what I’m talkin about!!


A Victorian house generally means any house built during

the reign of Queen Victoria  (1837–1901).

What style, what grace, what class a Victorian House  carries.


As mentioned in a previous post, I’m giving thought to moving to a home that better suits my needs (wants)

for this season of  life.

On the top of my list …….. porches…..porches and more porches.

wrap around, screened in….sunroom.

Any or all of the above.

The Victorian certainly has the front porch covered ….. pun intended.


I found this one nearby, but don’t think I will be calling it “home sweet home”

unless…………they give to me, a rich uncle leaves me money or I win the lottery.

all these things have the same chance of happening…  close to zero.

However, I’m enjoying the pictures the realtor has posted and maybe a little fantasizing going on.

This lady was built in 1869.



















She’s a lady ….. but the lady is not mine…Sad smile

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