To do list ……… Enjoy the Beauty of the season

Do you read all the suggestions the experts tell you to do leading up to Thanksgiving?


What you should do 2 Weeks before the big day …and  I week before….

and that’s when you start to freak out.

You are so far behind that you will never finish the list in time.


I read those too…. and sometimes have a hearty laugh. Not because they’re not helpful.


Nov 2013 pillows 084


But at my house, the road to Thanksgiving Day dinner

is not a smooth road. 


November art and trees 047


Twenty two years of hosting Thanksgiving for family and friends……..

You can believe there have been plenty of instances where a bump in the road

threatened my perfect plans.

Nov 2013 pillows 024 

There was the year the turkey almost wasn’t cooked.


My thirty something year old wall oven rebelled against cooking a  20 lb. turkey.

Sure other years, it had cooperated without fail.

But one year it said enough. Now the oven it’s self still worked, but how can you

cook a turkey when the oven door falls off in your hands?


November art and trees 052


Of course you can’t. After stressing out and hyperventilating over the disaster,  Mr. Finely Done(my hero)

to the rescue… he showed that old oven door a thing or two and  Thanksgiving Dinner would not be without turkey.




Yep…  Bungee cords kept the door on and turkey inside cooking to perfection.


And then there was the time that the turkey was done. (new oven)

but, the electricity went out just as I was putting in 2 large pans of dressing. And guests were

due in an hour.


Nov 2013 pillows 038


A pole had been knocked down nearby and who knew when the power would be restored.

It was Thanksgiving Day.

What to do….what to do.


Over the river and through the woods….. to my daughter’s house I go…..


with dressing pans and anything else that needed to be heated.

Thankfully, when I got back home with pans of ready to eat dressing,

the power was back on.  And it was another PERFECT  Thanksgiving for the books.


The moral of the story………plan as much as you would like, but a sense of humor will

go a long way when plans go slightly awry.


Nov 2013 pillows 034




On my to do list before Thanksgiving ………… enjoy the beauty of the season.


There is still plenty of  beautiful autumn color and is there anything more beautiful than a country quilt?










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