Focusing —–to concentrate attention or effort.


My multi tasking spirit has gotten me in over my head so many times it’s not funny.

The pride of thinking I can do it all now, is not realistic, but my fantasy world

forgets this.


Today I admitI can’t do it all!!!!!!





Prioritizing is a must. Some activities trump others. 

Time and energy does not permit me to do everything I want to do that pops in my head.

For instance time with family and friends is a must.

The last few weeks has been wonderful…. celebrating many birthdays and special occasions

with family and friends.

And then there was Easter where family and friends came together at my house.

Beautiful fellowship!




My dad requires time and attention to his daily needs.

We want to spend time with him, not just to help take care of him.

This takes two days a week.


As I said some activities trump others.





I have a big ole list of home improvements and decorating changes I want to do

and tell you about them.

Can’t focus on them now……but soon.


Focusing is power.


And although I can’t do it all now, I feel powerful.

I am spending precious time with the wonderful people in my life.


My home is fairly clean and I have time to focus on my passion of painting.




The upcoming month of May starts off with a wedding in the family.


And a vacation is planned for a few days getaway in May.


My camera and I will be focusing on getting some wonderful photos to post and/or paint.


I am focused on enjoying life and staying focused.

Focused on the things that are important to be focused on for this time.


What about you?




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