Warm Memories

It’s a cold day ( 24 degrees ) when I get up this morning. And it seems that winter has finally settled in. After all it is January and winter will be around for a while.

The bright sunshine is deceiving as I opened the door to go to the mailbox. Brrrr.

Although I don’t mind a little cold weather, it seems when it’s cold I think about the hot weather and when it’s hot, I think about the cold.

That being said, I’m remembering last June  It stands out as one of the hottest, drenching with humidity, months in a while. Even going to the coast didn’t provide relief from the heat. In fact, it was probably more humid there because of the water.


However, during my first visit ever to Georgetown, SC last June, the hot humid weather was ignored to enjoy all this sea port city has to offer.




Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in the downtown area was the best place to be. As advertised, it was a short stroll to area shops, restaurants, galleries, museums and marinas.


Across the street from the B & B is the Kaminski House.

The Kaminski House stands out as one of the most representative of the Georgian style of the era. Built on a bluff overlooking the Sampit River, the Kaminski House is typical of the Low country “single house” style of the mid-18th century. The narrow ends of the home faced the street and the river with the main  entry door located midway down one side of the building. The house was originally one room deep, with a central hallway and a room opening on each side for two stories.



Near the Kaminski House is The Stewart-Parker House.

The Stewart-Parker House was built by Robert Stewart around 1740.  After Mr. Stewart’s death the house and property was sold i to Daniel Tucker, a very wealthy merchant.  It is local tradition that Mr. Tucker entertained George Washington in this house during his tour of the South in 1791.



A short distance from these two historic homes is The SC Maritime Museum.

SC Maritime Museum - Georgetown SC

Home to the prized Fresnel lens of the old North Island lighthouse,the museum, although small , is filled with many interesting exhibits. It took about 2 hours to see all the displays. And with the heat outside, I enjoyed every minute in the museum.


Beautiful Historic Homes lined every street. I read there are over 60.






Lovely Georgetown, thanks for the warm memories on a cold,cold day in January..

Now I need a cup of hot chocolate.

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