The January white show (snow)

The January 2016  blizzard has come and gone in my area. We escaped the shut downs and the loss of power that our northern neighbors experienced.

I was saddened to hear of those who  loss their lives in one way or another related to the storm.

snow 2016 027

The storm came in Thursday evening and by Saturday morning, the sun was melting the snow and ice on the roads.

I had to act fast to get pictures before it all went to mush.


snow 2016 017

One of the beautiful homes near me. This one really is breathtaking isn’t it?


snow 2016 026

The old bridge is a charming landmark. The snow on the bank frames the scene making it even more lovely.

snow 2016 059


snow 2016 024

Another old home in my area with a blanket of snow.


snow 2016 055

A quaint cottage is now an elegant restaurant.


snow 2016 034


snow 2016 008

Kids in the neighborhood taking advantage of a snow day.

snow 2016 009

Sigh……….to have this energy again.


snow 2016 012


snow 2016 015


snow 2016 002

Pure beauty!

snow 2016 052


snow 2016 053

snow 2016 067


Snowflakes, snowflakes  quietly you came .

Softly your beauty covered ev-e-rything. 

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