My Hallmark

I will admit it. I enjoy watching the Hallmark channel.. I look forward to the holidays and the thought of enjoying an evening with Hallmark.

Sweet, sappy and sometimes  predictable, are usually the hallmark of a Hallmark movie..

And that’s good with me.  I  need a shot of feel good viewing as a boost to my endorphins on a regular basis.




The founder of Hallmark, (J C Hall ) , couldn’t begin to know the empire he started in 1910 with two boxes of postcards. Because a fire  destroyed the department store he and his brothers operated, he bought an engraving company in 1916 and began to print his own cards.      



It was in 1928 when he began marketing the cards under the Hallmark brand name..

He was intrigued by the word “ hallmark”  used by goldsmiths as a mark of quality. He liked that it not only said quality, but also included his family name.


February 2016 108

Now here we are in 2016, smiling when we see the Hallmark symbol.  Someone cared enough to send the best. And those Hallmark commercials can melt anybody’s cold heart.

JC Hall’s hallmark lives on years after he’s departed.

February 2016 098


While I read his story, I wondered about the hallmark of my life. What marks the quality of the life I’ve lived? What will live on and bring a smile to others.? What will bring a  ” feel good” feeling associated with my name?


The answers to these questions may be a lifelong pursuit.  From what I’ve read, Mr. Hall didn’t start out with the thought of leaving his mark, but he was a business man determined to do better than his father. His father wasn’t a good provider and abandoned his family when J C was 8.

I believe JC Hall lived each day in contentment, but with an eye on the future. He took what he had for that day and used it for a better tomorrow. That was the beginning of his hallmark and could be mine.


Living each day to the fullest and using today to make tomorrow brighter.

I  leave you with this quote from Carol Kent.

Contentment is the hallmark of living fully in the moment.




2 thoughts on “My Hallmark

  1. Your hallmark is many things! You are a wonderful mentor and teacher. You created Book of Mar that gives hope to so many at the start of their day!!!!! You raised 3 wonderful daughters (and two grand daughters) who know and love The Lord. You and Don Don are the cornerstone of our family, bringing us together holiday after holiday to celebrate with one another. You’re the most creative person I’ve ever met. You’re encouraging and trustworthy. You give people second (and third and fourth) chances. I think you leave a positive impact everywhere you go. I’m sure I’m missing many things but those are just a few that come to mind. :)

    • Thank you for such encouragement. Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do. Thanks for reminding me!

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