A Hallmark Christmas

Sipping hot chocolate, a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and a Hallmark Holiday Movie;

That combination, my friend, is my idea of a cozy December evening. And if it’s cold enough for a fire in the fireplace……perfection.




I can’t remember a time when there weren’t Hallmark Christmas movies.

Kudos to Hallmark for their commitment to broadcast family movies focusing on rekindling  our holiday spirit.



This season there are 19 new Hallmark films and I’m watching and taping all of them.

Most are sweet, predictable and come with Happy Endings………. exactly what I’m looking for when I tune in.



If I could only watch one Hallmark movie this season, I would choose…………..drum roll…..

And the winner is “Journey back to Christmas.”


“Journey Back to Christmas” centers around a time traveler who needs to find a way back to Christmas 1945.

The film’s star, Candace Cameron Bure, is excellent. There are a few loose ends and details that don’t add up, but overall a good movie.

As always………there IS a happy ending.


I use the background of previously shown movies to decorate by.

Nothing gets me in a decorating mood like a Hallmark movie.










Thankfully, this week has been absent of green lizard and relatives at the Cottage on Greene.

My attention has been on adding finishing touches of Christmas , working on handmade Christmas gifts and getting the guest bedroom together.

The guest bedroom has been a neglected part of the house. As there have been no guests, no problem.

I expect that to change in the coming year.

Pictures later.








Excuse me while I warm up the hot chocolate and turn on the Christmas lights. My Hallmark awaits!

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