As you know, my word for 2017 is focus.  And like most of us, January 2017 has been a challenge to focus on  day- to -day activities.



In the south, there was the artic weather the second week in January.  It stayed in the teens at night for several days. Then it warmed up a day or two later and was in the 70’s during the day.

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We have experienced all four seasons and January is not over. Focus, I say.

And we had belated Christmas celebrations and birthday celebrations requiring focus.

One Saturday, I shopped for items to take to the cottage to finish projects and forgot to pack them when we left.

That delayed things for a week. Focus. Indeed.


There was an issue with the webhost for Ms Finely Done. I was down for several day. Focus.

Are you getting the picture?


But, you know what?

I did focus in a way I wasn’t even considering when I chose the word.


I was in the moment for what demanded my attention.

In my mind, I was thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish around the house. But while that is a part of my life, it is by no means all of it.



I will continue to focus and not feel like I have failed my word when my focus is not on accomplishments and decorating. It is where it needs to be ……… at that given moment.

This week while I’m gathering this and that for the guest bedroom, my focus has been scouring pinterest for ides. All the cottage bedrooms are beautiful and I’m anxious to get mine finished.


How are you doing with your 2017 word?


2 thoughts on “Focusing

  1. I read an article the other day that I felt had a good philosophy. It said something like, there is no one or nothing more important than the person standing in front of me at any given moment. Instant conviction. I have a tendency to be thinking of other things, checking my watch, planning ahead. I’m always trying to be more efficient in such an already busy world. I think focus is an EXCELLENT word for this year :). My word is miracle. I’ll have to get back to you on how it’s going, as I, regrettably, have not FOCUSED too much on it lol.

    • To live in the moment, has been a challenge for me forever. I’m always thinking ahead to the next thing, and not taking time to savor the moment. Focusing is a tool to remind me every moment is just as sacred as the next thing. I’m excited for your year of miracles. I think if we focused on seeing the miracles, we would be surprised that they happen more often than not.

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