The week after

Is there ever a good reason to have Christmas decorations still up like it’s the middle of December?

I’m saying “yes” and I’m sticking to it.

My excuse   reason.. No where else for it to go. The red tape of building a storage building was not anticipated so I welcome the new year with yet anther lesson in patience. It will get done.

In the meantime, other things are getting done.

All beds now are up. Count em (5)

The Rice Poster bed was the last to go up. It had been stored in the basement of the other home and needed refinishing.

It is now beautiful and looks as nice as it did when I bought it 30 plus years ago.



However, with the new mattress it is so high. Those pillow tops mattresses, which I now have,  weren’t even thought of when I bought the bed. But I have steps for the bed and the ceiling is high in the room..



Although this guest bedroom is looking pretty plain, I will be putting my design touches on it soon. I see a bed skirt in this bed’s future.. I was looking at ready made to save some time. Mostly all I can find are 14, 15 or 18” . This bed is going to

require at least 24”.

I’ll be trying a no sew bed skirt. They look pretty simple to make. I’ve even seen some made out of drop cloths.  I don’t think that is the look I’m going for in this room, but may try it for one of the other beds.



When I started this post this morning, all Christmas decorations were up.

This evening as I’m finishing, all decorations are down and tucked away in storage boxes in the garage, Hopefully, they will be moved to the storage building later next week.

House now looks so bare…..sigh….a lot of workdays ahead.