Dining room in reverse chronology

Whenever I see the words before and after combined with decorating,  I’m all in.

I have posted before pictures of the dining room at the cottage 6 months ago. 

But now…….the dining room reveal…….I’m calling it DONE!

I thought it would be fun to post the pictures in reverse chronology,

meaning ……I’m going to show today’s pictures first and work my way back to the before, 6 months ago.

Kinda like you’re watching a movie and then they cut to what led up to that day.

Here we go…….today ready for Valentine’s Day celebration.




Dining room chairs arrived this week. I tried for 6 months to make the old parson chairs work.

Even with chair covers, they were bringing the dining room down. Sigh..

Sometimes you just got to do what you knew all along you would have to do.

I still can use the table I got at a local consignment store.

From Valentine’s décor to Christmas

Actually this picture looks pretty good, until you see the old beige chairs that the covers don’t quite fit.

The chairs were stained and discolored without the covers.

And here we are. Back to fall. Notice how my shots are only of the top of the table. Sneaky aren’t I?

I liked the top of the table dark, but I painted it white in January, trying to avoid buying new chairs.

And even that didn’t work.

I painted the table once again this week after the chairs arrived. The white table top didn’t work. That table has been 3 different colors in 6 months. Yikes, that’s a lot… even for me. I losing that paint brush.


And here we are. Six months before. Dark, gray and dingy  walls. I could not wait to paint this room. I appreciate the creativity of the paint below the chair rail. It was too busy and too dark for my taste. 

Now one more after picture. What a difference the paint made. Above the chair rail the color is Sherwin-Williams  Basalt Powder.

And now I’m back to today and the chalkboard in the kitchen, all decked out for February.




Looking back Part 2

After finding the cute little cottage in June, a couple of months will go by before we could actually move in.

Paperwork, paperwork, …..sigh…..paperwork.

An inspection resulted in a lengthy repair list.  We decided some items we could let slid but, others were a deal breaker.

They would have to be done or we would keep looking. 

In  July, while the house repairs were being scheduled and paper work was continuing to go back and forth, we took a break for a mini vacation.

Beautiful Cadiz, Kentucky was a nice get away over the 4th of July weekend. 

Lodging nearby at Lake Barkley State Park Resort, we explored the beauty of the area.

An added bonus…..we got to spend time with close family that we don’t get to see often enough.

 August was busy…….. moving ahead with the move from the townhouse to the cottage.

How did we accumulate so much to move……. in six months.

While repairs continued at the cottage, boxes were packed and ready to be moved to their new home.

Finally…… moving day!!! Yay

Just 2 weeks before a “planned months ago vacation” to Aruba scheduled the first week in September.

No time to start the projects…….the first project….PAINTING.

Any and everything…. Every room….living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, and 3 bedrooms…

one bedroom to be used as a TV room. And thrift store furniture in need of a little paint.


After Aruba, life settled in to…… day in and day out painting…. walls, furniture and on and on.

 Finished painting in time for fall decorating, my favorite.

December decorating…… FUN, and more FUN. Two houses, each in my style, but each different.

The cottage

And this.


2016 farewell memories.

A year of adventures…………………….. some planned and others not. And that’s the way life rolls for all of us.

Happy 2017!


“Book of Mar”

Walmart clerks are usually polite, but too busy to start a conversation. Just “hey, how are you” and then “have a good day” as you’re leaving.


Yesterday, I was getting  supplies for moving: boxes, duck tape, a couple of plastic bins.etc. (moving starts this week)  I was caught off guard when the clerk, a young adult, maybe early 20’s, started a conversation.


Maybe he was looking at my purchases or maybe I looked extra smart in my reading glasses…I don’t know why he asked, “Are you a teacher?”

Is there a discount at Walmart if you’re a teacher?


At first I said “no”….but then I said   “I’m a teacher, but not in school.” I thought that would be the end of our conversation.


He continued……”what do you teach?’  I said, “morals”.   He said,  “what is that?” I said, “I teach people to do the right thing and how to be a good person.” He said “really?”  Then…. “Where do  you teach that?” I said, “everywhere”.  He seemed very interested….


I said “ I teach my children and grandchildren everyday by example and by telling them how to be a good and decent person.”



Every morning, I send out, via text, a quote of encouragement, direction and/or instruction on how to live life.  It’s up to them to heed. A teacher can only teach.This endeavor is called the “Book of Mar”   When the “Book of Mar” began, I thought it would be a temporary project, but many years later it’s still going strong.  Our need to teach and be taught is a lifelong pursuit.


As I was leaving, the clerk ask one of the other clerks if she wanted a bottle of water. He said he was going to get himself one and would bring one back for her.

I said, “looks like someone has been taking the class on how to be a good person”

He said “yea, my mom and grandmother are the teachers.” I said, “ they are doing a wonderful job.”  He said “Thanks and have a good day.”


Best Walmart experience I’ve ever had.

Everyday is an opportunity to teach and be taught.