Shut the door.

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Doors. How often do we think of them? Me, not so much, other than how pretty or ugly they may be.


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I recently read about a 5,000 year old door found by archaeologists in Switzerland. That got me thinking deeper thoughts about doors. How long have doors been with us and what did the ancient doors look like?  What were they made of?  This calls for research. In ancient times, (before the internet)  I would have to get out the old trusted encyclopedia.


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In 2015, no need for that. In a matter of minutes everything I ever wanted to know about doors is at my disposal.


Castle Doors - Designs From The Historical Record - 1938CDJ

The oldest door in England can be found in  Westminster Abbey and dates from 1050. .

The door of Westminster Abbey . And what's nailed to this door in 1395 ...

The history of doors, while interesting, is just that…….History.


Today’s doors have two purposes from my standpoint.


1. Functionality: to keep the things in that need to be in and to keep the things out that need to be out.



2. Style and personality.  The front door gives a good indicator of what’s inside. A casual front door is setting the stage for a casual and informal furnishings you can expect to see inside..


A wooden mahogany door would indicate the style of the house and furnishings to be traditional and formal, whether a church or a home.

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A screen door can guarantee a homey cottage.


And my front door, indicating openness and airy spaces inside and the personality of always loving being decorated no matter the season.