Spaghetti Breakfast and visions of houses


After a day of touring potential homes, cooking was not on my list of things to do

for last night’s dinner.

Take out from a local Italian eatery, which is known for large portions,  meant

I could have baked spaghetti for breakfast too.

Don’t tell me you’ve never had a Spaghetti Breakfast.



While having my Spaghetti, I reviewed the houses from yesterday.


First, a house in the mountains for consideration.








The house is in a gated community with winding roads.A beautiful drive in good weather, but not so much

in icy. snowy weather which occurs in this area a few times during winter.

And the house needed  more TLC than I wanted to take on.

Mentally marked this on off the list as we were driving away.


Next house.

We named this the Quirky House. You had to see it to understand why.








The quirky house has beautiful views. The house has been vacant for a while..

The pictures are kind and don’t show all the work that would be needed for it to be home sweet home. 


On to see what’s behind door/house # 3.

An old, vacant house.. You know me and my passion for historic houses.










As you can see from the above photo…………..…..so much work.

Too much time, too much $$$$$$$$.


One more historic home was on the list. A historic Colonial with lots and lots of charm……

reserved only for the outsideof the house it seems.




The pictures don’t reflect all the work that would need to be done. So disappointed. The outside was

so promising.



One last house for the day.



Beautiful wrap around porch. A great place for rocking chairs and relaxing.




See the beautiful backyard…………beyond those trees………

the interstate with ALL the road  noise heard from the rocking chair front  porch

and the back yard deck. SIGH.

Enjoyed looking, but the search is far from over to find the one that says to me


“ Welcome Home.”