June…..brides, iced tea, and hydrangeas

June, the sixth month of the year. Thirty glorious days of June..June brides, June vacations, June flowers in bloom, and did you know it’s Iced Tea month?


The June bride has her choice of beautiful summer flowers in full bloom. That certainly explains why June is a popular wedding month.

Flowers say romance. To a bride, they are as important as anything else in wedding planning.

Hydrangeas are one of the most romantic flowers showing up in bridal bouquets.

bridal b

I’ve never met a hydrangea I didn’t like.


Blooming on a bush, cut and in a vase, dried, and even realistic silk hydrangeas,

I’ll take them all.


Even the symbolism  of the name, enduring grace and beauty, can make a girl swoon. hydrangea georgetown


hydrangea and bunny




This June bride,  yes I was,   is going to celebrate June with a glass of Iced Tea and enjoy my Hydrangeas, all of them.