Three ideas to decorate rich



Decorating can be expensive.

No matter your style; paint, rugs, lamps, mirrors, furniture and all that goes into making a home beautiful and/or comfortable,  doesn’t come cheap.

And if you’re going for a magazine worthy room, the budget can be blown before you get started.

While my budget is not high end, my tastes sure are.

I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to get a high end look without breaking the bank.

 These ideas will work for most decorating styles.


The first is Display Something Antique ist. 

In our contemporary world, antiques may be old school. But …..

if you want a give a room a sense of history and a rich feel, you need something that can’t be bought at a big box store.

You don’t need to fill a room with antiques to create that feeling of  richness. This can be achieved with small accessories.

A metal engraved box,  I recently found,  is a wonderful addition to the living room at the cottage.  I  love

the greenish patina. I don’t know the age of the box. It may or not be an antique. It doesn’t really matter.

It’s the rich look without paying big bucks that makes this work for me.



Next include Curvy Shapes

Using a variety of shapes in a room adds interest and depth.

If you want the room to look more expensive, add some curvy items.

This can be in the accessories….mirrors, clocks,  lamps etc.

The globe on the desk, the curve of the mirror, the round clock…all give the room interest.

The curves balance out the straight lines in the room.

 The next ides is to add Fresh Flowers to the room.

Fresh flowers can change and lift the mood of a room. Go big if possible.

A big bouquet of flowers on the coffee table. mantle or side table adds instant class.




This artichoke statue adds curves to a bookcase balancing the straight lines of the shelves and books.


The recently painted (again) bookcase in the hallway at the cottage.

Have fun with these ideas and see the difference a few changes can make in the mood of the room.








The Yellow House (part one)

As I have been looking at paint chips, thinking about furniture placement, window shopping online, for my “soon to be” decorating project, my mind wandered way back to some of my first attempts at making  a house a home, way back when I was a young mommy.

It was the somewhere between the mid to late 70’s. We had moved into an old rental house we lovingly called “the yellow house”, for no other reason than it was yellow.

The  yellow house was one of those houses that seemed like home the minute I walked in the door. It was something I could work with. The hardwood floors were already there. And there was a fireplace in the living room.

There was no HGTV for inspiration,(gasp) no Pinterest, or house Reno magazines. If fact, I don’t think the word Reno had been invented.

We moved the big, black, vinyl, yard sale sofa into the living room facing the fireplace.  Two small, white, plastic  parsons table were in front of the sofa to serve as a coffee table. The piano went in the corner. Black and white checked curtains (made out of bedspreads) flanked the double window.

black sofa


black drapes

I now needed chairs. A small town, fifteen miles away, had a few stores on Main St. One was called a Variety Store……and it had…….. a variety of things. One day the girls and I went in, just to browse, and there they were. Chairs for the living room….chairs to coordinate with the black vinyl sofa. And the price was right…clearance …$3 each. Somewhere in my 1970’s decorating mind, I heard director chairs were “chic”. And before my eyes were two Kelly green director chairs similar to this one. They were meant to be mine. The girls agreed and the “chic” chairs went home with us.

green chair

Wow!!! What was I thinking. For the living room??? Really?

My young daughters were eager to help mom fix up the house.

Our next step was to add color to the walls. I don’t know why I thought this was ok in a rental house. Perhaps, I had asked permission. You are not going to believe the walls.

Stay tune for part 2.