A quietly observed Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day observances come in many different packages. There are parades with bands playing patriotic songs. Some will visit cemeteries and place flags on the graves of veterans.

 There are swimming pool parties and backyard BBQ’s as Memorial day usually marks the beginning of summer.. Any holiday comes with  traditional  food.

 In the south, hash seems to be the choice for all patriotic holidays; Around Memorial Day and Fourth of July, it’s not uncommon for lodges, churches etc. to prepare hash and sell it as a fundraiser. You know you’re patriotic when hash eating is part of the holiday festivities.


It is a quiet observation for us this year. We solemnly say thank you to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We will be travelling on Memorial  day, back to the cottage, after an appreciated extra day at the main house.


The mister got in a few hours of golfing and I got to do some shopping. We both enjoyed our Saturday. And later on in the evening, we had a relaxing dinner with friends.

Its was a wonderful home cooked meal of Pot Roast, potatoes, and carrots. Desert was Chocolate cake. And I wasn’t doing the cooking. Thanks, Linda! 

Sunday while the hubby was watching the little race  ( Indy 500) I caught up on a few chores.


Every day we enjoy the blessings of living in

our great country. Those blessings came to us at a high cost.

Today we stop and spend some quality time in solemn remembrance

for the men and women who gave everything so that we could be free.





Making Memorial Day Memorable

Happy Memorial Day!

It is important to make family traditions centered around meaningful holidays, such as Memorial Day.


I don’t remember Memorial Day, in particular, when I was a child, except  my mom and dad would pin a red poppy made out of paper on her blouse and his shirt. I learned later the red poppy was a symbol of remembering those who had died in battle and was based on a World War I poem.

I remember fondly, the activities surrounding the times when my mom and dad had a holiday or vacation time off from work. There were traditions in place we could count on to happen and important enough to interrupt our usual routine.


There was the traditional family picnic during  the holidays that came during the summer or warm weather months. We didn’t have a cookout or a Barbeque, as is now the tradition, but a good old fashion picnic that took place at a roadside park.

Remember those? Maybe not. Mom made sandwiches. Your choice pimento cheese or egg salad. And for those brave enough to try it…. sardine sandwiches. Bet you never had one of those………me either. And it wasn’t a picnic without a can of Van Camp’s Pork and Beans. The can was opened at the picnic sight and the beans were eaten cold.There could be sliced cantaloupe, pickles, and always watermelon for dessert.


My dad had quite the ceremony for slicing  the watermelon, cutting eight slices, one for each family member. He brought along the big, big knife and old newspapers to put under the watermelon as it was being cut.. I never saw my mom given the honor. It was always dad. The melon had been chosen based on size and color. I can remember spending a good bit of time at the produce stand while dad chose the “right” one.


The watermelon was cut in half, then each half was halved and then that was halved. It worked out to 8 pieces. A box of Morton’s was brought along for those that wanted salt on their piece. There was plenty of seed spitting and melon eaten to the rind. My two brothers would sometimes take off their shirts to allow the juice to run down their chest instead of their clothes. My sisters and I just ate carefully. This was before the days of handi wipes. Is there any anything as sticky as watermelon juice?


After a cleanup of our faces and hands from the water fountain, we would get back in the station wagon to go to a nearby town. My grandmother was waiting on us to take her to the cemeteries. One was a very old family cemetery. To get there, dad would drive the station wagon slowly down a dirt road and watched closely to avoid the deep ruts rain water had made over the years. When we got there, grandmother would pull weeds and wipe tears from her eyes as she remembered each loved one she had lost. I don’t know if any had died in battle, but pretty sure some had been in the military. So many questions I have now, that I wished I had known to ask of those who had the answers.


Late afternoon, we would leave grandmother’s, tired from the holiday, but with anticipation for the next. It might include another trip to the cemetery or not. But for sure there would be a picnic.


Bonus reading…… To make the chair toppers, go to Dollar General and purchase Bandanas. They come with 2 in the package; one red and one blue. Turn inside out and fold bandana in half. It doesn’t matter which end as they are square. Stitch the two sides adjusting seam size to fit your chairs. They should be snug, but not too difficult to put on. Turn right side and place over chair. Instant decorating. Each topper takes less than a minute to make.



It’s Red, White, blue


For all of us who like to change our décor with the holiday, Memorial Day and July 4th are easy ones. It’s red, white and blue. No other colors symbolize the meaning of these holidays

The flag of the USA began with 13 stripes in 1777  for the thirteen original states. And our current flag with 50 stars was implemented in 1960 after the adding of Hawaii as a state.


For almost 240 years our star spangled banner has waved o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It waves high and proud at celebrations and at half staff when we’re mourning.

The red, the white and the blue.


Memorial Day has largely become the “kickoff” to summer with outdoor celebrations and barbecues .


But Memorial day is a day set aside to honor and remember the men and women who died serving in the United States Armed Forces,



On Memorial Day the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only, and then raised to the top of the staff.WP_20160523_010 (1)

As we enjoy the festivities in the next few days, let’s not forget those who sacrificed the ultimate for our country.

WP_20160523_007 (1)

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave


o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.