“Book of Mar”

Walmart clerks are usually polite, but too busy to start a conversation. Just “hey, how are you” and then “have a good day” as you’re leaving.


Yesterday, I was getting  supplies for moving: boxes, duck tape, a couple of plastic bins.etc. (moving starts this week)  I was caught off guard when the clerk, a young adult, maybe early 20’s, started a conversation.


Maybe he was looking at my purchases or maybe I looked extra smart in my reading glasses…I don’t know why he asked, “Are you a teacher?”

Is there a discount at Walmart if you’re a teacher?


At first I said “no”….but then I said   “I’m a teacher, but not in school.” I thought that would be the end of our conversation.


He continued……”what do you teach?’  I said, “morals”.   He said,  “what is that?” I said, “I teach people to do the right thing and how to be a good person.” He said “really?”  Then…. “Where do  you teach that?” I said, “everywhere”.  He seemed very interested….


I said “ I teach my children and grandchildren everyday by example and by telling them how to be a good and decent person.”



Every morning, I send out, via text, a quote of encouragement, direction and/or instruction on how to live life.  It’s up to them to heed. A teacher can only teach.This endeavor is called the “Book of Mar”   When the “Book of Mar” began, I thought it would be a temporary project, but many years later it’s still going strong.  Our need to teach and be taught is a lifelong pursuit.


As I was leaving, the clerk ask one of the other clerks if she wanted a bottle of water. He said he was going to get himself one and would bring one back for her.

I said, “looks like someone has been taking the class on how to be a good person”

He said “yea, my mom and grandmother are the teachers.” I said, “ they are doing a wonderful job.”  He said “Thanks and have a good day.”


Best Walmart experience I’ve ever had.

Everyday is an opportunity to teach and be taught.