We’re all in

We’re all in this together …..into 2017 that is.

A week of doing this thing called life in 2017. 

Due to extreme winter weather in the southeast, I’m already feeling  a bit off schedule. A schedule that I truly didn’t have. It was just an idea that this year, I would not let projects wait, I would be proactive.


To quote Robert Burns, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”

Spending the weekend at the cottage because of weather predictions, was not in my plans. The shopping I had planned while back at the main house was put on hold, putting projects on hold, putting my schedule on hold.


I’m pretty sure I mentioned before, this cute little cottage is in a “no shopping” area.  There are no malls, no Target, no Michaels, or Hobby Lobby for hundreds of miles.  Shopping  had to be put off for another week.

I used the extra time at home to catch up with some of my  favorite bloggers and read about their goal setting  for the  new year.  Resolutions are a thing of the past. No one admits to making them anymore. But the thing to do, it seems, is to choose a word for the year. The word you chose is for word for inspiration and guidance throughout the year. I have done this in the past, but this year I’m doing what author Debbie Macomber is doing. She is making a dream jar. 



Here’s how it works. Whenever you think of a dream or goal during the year, write it down and put it in the jar. It will be interesting to read at the end of the year all that was accomplished.  That can be really good or really bad. But for those of us energized by being productive, it will be another tool to keep us focused. The author chose her word for 2017. Her word is dream.

Examples of dream jars from pinterest.


The word I am choosing is “focus.” Focus as a verb, To be in the moment and pay attention to what needs my attention at the moment. For multitaskers this proves to be a challenge. To not have so many things going on in my head that I am already moving on to the next thing ahead of time. I believe that is truly the way we should live life. And  I know this in theory, but putting it into practice is my first goal. The first deposit in my dream jar is “focus, live in the moment.”  Another dream jar from pinterest.

Other deposits will be more concrete such as ” finish the guest room at the cottage before guests arrive in February.”

Focus, Focus Focus!!!



Snow and a fresh start to 2015



Happy New Year!

What does the first day of a new year and snow have in common?

February snow 2014 024

The snow is fluffy and  bright. It gives a clean slate to the look of the landscape.

It sure gives a fresh view of the world.


February snow 2014 026


February snow 2014 035

And so it goes with the New Year. It gives us all  a new starting line. We can start fresh with all those resolutions that we made. It gives us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew.



As we are in the infancy of 2015, it’s a good time to start exploring new ideas. Take some risks and don’t allow yourself to see boundaries. See no reason something can’t be done.

Develop a new way of thinking. Look at your dreams and ideas and see all the possibilities.



Awaken your passion and believe that tomorrow will be more exciting than today.’



Think big. You’re going to be  thinking anyway so let it be big, Banish negative thinking and don’t give into doubt when problems arise or you don’t see things happening the way you expected. Turn your problem into an opportunity.


February snow 2014 044

Turn your attention to what is holding you back and work through it..

If fear of failure is holding you back, overcome the fear by acting boldly and being persistent..

If you do what you did in 2014, 2015 will be a repeat.

 If you want more, you have to do more. If you want change, you have to change something.


Think of a single word that will keep you focused for the year. A word that  describes what you want to accomplish or how you want your life to be different.


I haven’t decided what my word will be for 2015, but I can tell you my word for 2014 really played out in an unexpected way. I will share that with you later.

Happy New Year.

A New Year of Opportunities Await.